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Bad Left Hook Boxing Radio Podcast: August 19, 2013

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BLH Radio is back! Or here! Or whatever!

It's time to party, you guys: the Bad Left Hook Boxing Radio Podcast Internet Talk Show is back in full effect, or at least partial effect, as I have sat at a desk and recorded myself talking about boxing, because for some reason, some of you seemed to like that back in 2011, and I'm DOING IT AGAIN!

At some point, there may be a co-host. Or rotating guest co-hosts. I don't know. Life is crazy. You never know, dudes and ladies. Maybe I'll have some interviews eventually. Maybe it will forever be me rambling about boxing, and as I expect, growing increasingly goofy as the weeks go by.

I'm not 100% happy with this re-debut episode, but I said it would be back today, so it is. HERE YOU GO!

This episode I talk about the past weekend's results, what's coming this weekend, Mayweather-Canelo, FOX Sports 1, and maybe there was something else in there. Enjoy, hopefully! Or hate it. That's OK, too.