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Mayweather vs Canelo: Undercard conference call audio and quotes

The undercard fighters for the September 14 Mayweather-Canelo pay-per-view spoke with the media today about their preparations, their thoughts on their matchups, and more.


The six fighters who will take part in the September 14 pay-per-view undercard beneath Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez spoke with the media today about their fights. You can listen to the full call below, and we've also picked out some quick highlight quotes from each of the fighters.

Ashley Theophane

"I've been a professional for ten years. I've never had it easy so I had to go on the road. I've boxed in five countries. I've won in five countries, but I've never had it easy. For me I'm used to being in the backyard and having to fight the promoters' guy and I'm supposed to lose and I win. So for me I'm used to doing it the hard way so to finally have a team to back me and believe in me that's only going to make me a better fighter because I know that they have my back. So for me I'm just continuing to work hard and to even work even harder. So we have a young lion who may-he may watch me and think that I'm old now and it's his time, but he fought that against the other three guys he stepped up to and he always was a bit short. He's going to be a bit short again because I'm in that class where he stepped up."

Pablo Cesar Cano

"I have been in three close fights with three great champions with great names and that I have gained a lot of experience, and with that experience I'm taking that in to account with my new plans. I'm just going to fight, and gain more experience there. I just believe that I am going to give a great fight."

Ishe Smith

"I've faced all kinds of styles. They said K-9 was going to be too big and strong for me and he was awkward. You don't worry about styles; skills pay the bills, and come September 14th I'll be ready to go and I'll be keeping my title here at home. I don't worry about he going to fight. I just have to listen to my coach and go out there and execute the game plan, and I feel like the one fight I didn't do that-where I didn't listen to him was the only fight I lost and that was Danny Jacobs. But, as you said, I thought I beat Guerrero and since I've been with Eddie we haven't lost a fight at 154 pounds so I'm extremely excited to be defending my title at home. To accomplish so much in my career in such a short period of time being with Mayweather Promotions and having this wonderful opportunity to fight on the biggest stage in boxing is just amazing."

Carlos Molina

"Ishe is a pretty well-rounded fighter. I feel like the harder I train-it depends on how hard I train to make the fight easier for me, so I'm not sure. I can't say something like that until I actually get in there and go through it and do it, but I feel like it is going to bring out the best in me because there's a championship fight that I would have. Even though I train for every fight and I can pine for the championship fight this is it right here. This is what I visualized since I started boxing and it's right in front of me, and I'm so focused. I'm so ready. I'm ready to go. I wish the fight was closer."

Danny Garcia

"I really don't care what the media thinks or who they think is the best because in my heart I know I'm the best, and I hold the titles, and September 14th is going to be another day at work for me, and I'm just going to defend my title. I'm still champion and the people who don't believe hey that's their problem. I know in my heart I'm the best 140 pound fighter in the world, and I'm going to show it on September 14th."

Lucas Matthysse

"I respect Danny Garcia as a champion. I am going to give a lot of resistance, but I feel that I am confident enough to give a great fight. It is going to be a difficult fight but I'm not looking for a knockout. I am looking to have a great victory and give a great fight."

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