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Tuesday Night Quick Takes: Burns-Beltran, Lundy gets new manager, Rabchenko-Vitu, more

RICKY BURNS! Eyes big fights (or not-so-big)! HANK LUNDY! Wants the Garcia-Matthysse winner! HATTON PROMOTIONS! Won a purse bid, hooray! SAMPSON LEWKOWICZ! Is so very happy for Kiko!

Rich Schultz
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Hi, buckaroos. Scamp Walker time again. Yeah. Gonna try to slide one by ya once more. IT'S THE RETURN OF QUICK TAKES! I hope nobody worried that the boxing blog sensation sweeping the nation -- QUICK TAKES! -- was gone for good, because no no no no no, it's not. No no no!

Let's face the pain, you guys, and get into the tidbittery.

Eddie Hearn: Ricky Burns could go after big fights or he could go after fights that we tell you are big

Though he insists he's not looking past the tough Raymundo Beltran on September 7, promoter Eddie Hearns is talking a bit about the future of Ricky Burns should he win, and saying that he could go for a big fight next. Or, you know, a fight that isn't really big, but would be, like, big?

One possibility is Terence Crawford, which would take place at (as always they forget to mention it would most probably be The Theater at) Madison Square Garden, (not) the Mecca of Boxing. But Hearn is reluctant to agree to that for the time being, and probably should be. Who knows what Top Rank would think that fight is worth? Who knows about a lot of things? Not me, you guys. Just a blogger.

Anyway, Hearn goes from talking about Crawford and maybe Miguel Vazquez (who priced himself out before, apparently) to saying that "a lot of people" believe Anthony Crolla deserves a world title shot. I want their names.

Rabchenko-Vitu bid won by Hatton

Ricky Hatton and Hatton Promotions have done it. They've won a purse bid! Hatton has the rights to a fight between European junior middleweight champ Sergey Rabchenko (their fighter, and maybe their best fighter at this point) and Cedric Vitu. It will be a rematch of their November 2012 fight, which Rabchenko won by split decision to retain his title. Since Hatton and most promoters who aren't Eddie Hearn or Mick Hennessy are now partnered up with Frank Warren and BoxNation, I expect the fight will land on BoxNation, which is good, because it's better than the "Eurosport? Nothing?" options Hatton had previously.

Lundy gets new manager, targets Garcia-Matthysse winner

Coming off of a career-saving win of sorts over Olusegun Ajose, Hank Lundy has hired manager James Prince, and is hoping to land a shot at the Danny Garcia-Lucas Matthysse winner. While it may sound slightly preposterous, let's not forget it wasn't long ago that people were all clamoring to see Ajose get a title shot for beating Ali Chebah, of all people, so why shouldn't Lundy make the challenge? Plus, he's great fun to watch. Plus, Garcia-Lundy would be Philly vs Philly. Plus, Lundy totally smoked Ajose, it was really impressive. Plus, Lundy is hilarious. I mean, I don't think he can beat either of them, but I sure don't mind it. Lundy in 2014!

Dear Kiko, Congrats! Love, Sampson

Sampson Lewkowicz says that Sergio Martinez had a TEAR IN HIS EYE! on Spanish TV after his fighter Kiko Martinez won the IBF super bantamweight title from Jhonatan Romero this past Saturday, and offered his own congratulations to the Spaniard, who outmuscled Romero in an entertaining fight. Kiko, Sampson says, worked very hard and now the world knows he's a world champion. In other news that everyone including me will probably ignore because there's not much can be done unless there's an actual bust of some sort and some kind of serious proof that there's an issue, Martinez has been linked to notorious doping doctor Eufemiano Fuentes.


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