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Thursday Night Quick Takes: Shane Mosley, Mercito Gesta, Lee Purdy, Antonio Margarito, more!

SHANE MOSLEY! Is in it for the long haul! MERCITO GESTA! Both exists and is injured! LEE PURDY! Money laundering? ANTONIO MARGARITO! Promoting? JEAN PASCAL! Also exists and is not injured!

Al Bello
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HELLO! Quick Takes was missing last night because I was very tired after moving my cousin into her freshman dorm, so I pretty much just passed out eventually, after I ate a chicken Caesar wrap. And by the way, did I ever tell you the exciting tale of how I missed Miguel Cotto vs Ricardo Mayorga? Personal details are the key to a great blogger-reader relationship, #boxingfriends.

Shane Mosley has big plans

Sugar Shane Mosley says (apparently) that he's going to fight on for a while. This is from some sort of strangely translated press release or whatever:

"I came to Panama with my mom to get some medical treatment, and I wanted to take advantage of my coming to this gym that is the essence of the Panamanian boxing," said Mosley.

He also said, "I will fight on October 23 and and have to continue my training".

He explained that he is planning to fight for 5 more years, "I am not interested in money, I fight because I like it, and I believe I still have conditions to do it. I am comfortable in 147 pounds so I can move easily in the nearby divisions", he said as he bandaging his hands to train.

So it seems like Mundine-Mosley is happening on October 23. Also, the idea that he's not fighting for money is ... probably silly. I say probably because I'm not privy to the man's financial records, nor do I much care about his private business, but chances are a lot of his fighting on is for money. He retired last year and then changed his mind. He knows there's not a lot left in his body because he's publicly admitted that. That's never a good sign for an aging fighter who fights on. I'm sure he does love the sport and being in the ring and part of guys who hang on too long is they just can't let go because it's in their blood. But money is probably a factor. Probably.

Mercito Gesta out until 2014

In news that will doubtless disappoint his legion of worldwide admirers and believers, Filipino lightweight "conten--hahahaha, I'm sorry, Mercito Gesta is out until 2014 due to a fractured rib suffered in sparring. Gesta has been absent since his fairly embarrassing loss last December to Miguel Vazquez, where he stepped up against a quality opponent and had absolutely nothing to offer, his years of Pacquiao impersonations and cuddle-soft opposition doing little to prepare him for someone who can really box.

Lee Purdy accused of money laundering

This one isn't funny at all, and I'm not making any snarky bullshit jokes about it. Lee Purdy, who challenged Devon Alexander for the IBF welterweight title in May, was arrested and has been charged with money laundering. He is currently out on bail and scheduled back in court on September 10.

Police said nearly 40 people, aged 65 to 99, were thought to have been victims of fraud totalling more than £1m.

Purdy was one of six people arrested and charged with the crime.

Antonio Margarito: Promoter

Let's get back to the fun. Antonio Margarito is looking to get into the promotional game. He's retired at the moment, but there has been talk bouncing around all year of him possibly returning to the ring, despite a pretty serious eye injury putting him out to pasture in the first place, and it's an injury that isn't going to get better.

Margarito, 35, probably has enough connections to do fairly well as a promoter of some level, and could likely work with a larger Mexican promoter like Zanfer, and in the States with Top Rank, where everyone always stood by their man when it came to controversies and the like. Remember when Arum tried to pull that WWE handwraps-in-a-briefcase stunt and Melvina Lathan was like, "Yeah, I'll talk to you later about that," and then it never happened? I wonder if Lathan totally busted his ass about that after the presser.

Pascal back on Sept. 28

As he waits on Lucian Bute to be ready to fight in January 2014, Jean Pascal will get in the ring on September 28and stay busy against George Blades, best known as one of Zsolt Erdei's lousy world title challengers back in 2007. Blades fought just once in 2008, once in 2010, and returned in February of this year. That's all he's done since losing to Erdei. He's 38 and a total non-threat, a pure stay-busy opponent and nothing more.


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