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Lucas Matthysse and Timothy Bradley to spar ahead of big fights

Lucas Matthysse and Timothy Bradley both have important fights coming up soon, and the two will spar one another in preparation.

Harry How
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Timothy Bradley isn't much like Danny Garcia, and Lucas Matthysse isn't much like Juan Manuel Marquez, but Bradley and Matthysse will spar one another to help prepare for their upcoming fights against Marquez and Garcia, respectively, according to a report at

Matthysse believes that Bradley's speed will help him as he gets ready for his 140-pound title shot on September 14, when he and Garcia meet on the Mayweather-Canelo card on Showtime pay-per-view. Bradley may be preparing for a version of Marquez that looks for big power shots, as we saw last year against Manny Pacquiao. In that sense, Matthysse could certainly be a help as Bradley trains for his October 12 HBO pay-per-view main event against the Mexican veteran.

Matthysse (34-2, 32 KO) will be looking to win his first world titles from Garcia, while Bradley (30-0, 12 KO) will be making the second defense of the WBO welterweight title he controversially won from Pacquiao in June 2012.

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