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Oscar De La Hoya: 'I will be very surprised if Canelo doesn't KO Mayweather'

Oscar De La Hoya is in full-on hypeman mode, as he says he will be "very surprised" if Canelo Alvarez doesn't shock the world and knock out Floyd Mayweather on September 14.

Kevork Djansezian
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

I would be very surprised if aliens landed in my backyard. I would be very surprised if one of my legs just fell right off of my body very suddenly. I would be surprised if one of my cats spoke to me. I would be surprised if the Jets win the Super Bowl.

Oscar De La Hoya, on the other hand, is choosing to be surprised if Canelo Alvarez doesn't shake boxing to its very foundations, turn the sport upside down, and knock out Floyd Mayweather on September 14. I guess we all have certain ways of thinking.

"Mayweather got the decision but I feel that I beat him. Canelo is so calm and mature. Nothing gets to him. He is focused. I tell him to stay focused. And keep pumping your jab. That is the key. My world changed after I beat Chavez. Canelo is experiencing the glory and ahead of his time. If he doesn't knock Floyd out in less than eight rounds, I will be very surprised."

In a nutshell, this is everything I dislike about Oscar De La Hoya. I know most of you will go, "Ah, he's a promoter, promotin', they all do it!" but with De La Hoya and his general dishonesty and facial expressions and things he does with his eyebrows all the time, it's something more, because he sells this as the guy you're supposed to like. To say he'd be "surprised" by Alvarez not knocking out Floyd just begs for the reaction from anyone reading it or hearing it, "Well, that's a load of crap," and I don't think that helps anything. I mean, imagine if Bob Arum were to tell you, "I would be very surprised if Bryan Vera didn't knock out Julio Cesar Chavez Jr," like, if Arum had a vested interest in Vera and Chavez was just a guy he had a personal beef with that also happened to make him a lot of money so he worked with him all the time even though technically he didn't promote him or whatever.

But Oscar gonna Oscar, basically, so I'm not saying it's a big deal, it's just another great Oscar quote, like when he was certain that Mayweather-Ortiz was going to break the pay-per-view record. De La Hoya is either of the belief that everyone is really, really stupid, or he's just totally unaware of how ridiculous claims like this sound, to the point that they don't really do a promotion any favor, because they take away from, "Man, Mayweather-Canelo is going to be a great event," and put too much of the focus on the ridiculous nonsense that fell out of his brain.

Still, he can say whatever the hell goofy crap he wants if his company keeps pumping out fight cards like they have this year. Priorities, man.

And I will just ignore his "belief" that he beat Mayweather.

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