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Roger Mayweather discusses Floyd-Canelo, working with Floyd Sr, Floyd's quick turnaround, and more

Roger Mayweather addresses a variety of topics in this media day interview with the press, including his thoughts on Floyd Mayweather's upcoming fight, working with his brother Floyd Sr, the quick turnaround to another fight for Floyd, and Canelo's ability.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Roger Mayweather

"Any time you been laid off a long time, basically, when you laid off, you can't adapt as quick as if you wasn't laid off. So Floyd hasn't been laid off, he gonna be able to get off, throw more punches, and be more busy."

(On Floyd's feeling out in the early rounds): "It doesn't matter when you fight and how you fight, you got to find out who the person is with you. It doesn't matter. You don't just go in there and start throwing punches, because you don't never know what's gonna happen. You find out what the guy got, then you use your skills."

(On Floyd returning quicker than normal): "Better for him. It's better for him. Floyd don't get beat up like half these fighters in here. Floyd don't take no punches. That's part of boxing."

(On whether or not Floyd is a more natural 154 pound fighter now): "Floyd ain't even a 47 pounder. He ain't a 47 pounder. He makes 147. But walking around, he walking around at 145. So he ain't really a 47 pounder. He makes the weight, because he don't fear what he's up against."

(On working with his brother): "We don't work together. Who said that? We don't work together. So it doesn't matter. That's my brother and I'm against it, but it's part of boxing."

(On Floyd being more aggressive): "You got to remember one thing, in Floyd's early days, shit, he had more knockouts than anything. As far as now when he's fighting, due to age, you learn to pick up on what the guy does, Floyd throws more punches now. He takes more chances. But that's part of boxing."

(On Canelo's trainer saying they'll stop Floyd in nine): "What did you say?" (question repeats) "I just said, what did you say? I can't hear you. And I sure the fuck can't hear him. What's gonna happen is, the real deal, and he gonna see what time it is. When it's all said and done, then we gonna ask him, what's he gonna do?"

(On Canelo's power and speed): "He's so what?" "Powerful and fast." "Well I'll just tell you, I can't say nothin' about that. How great, how fast he is -- you mean to tell me, a guy come from damn near 200 pounds, is faster than my nephew? Huh? Could that be possible? I don't think so."

(On Canelo fighting in spurts): "My nephew gonna do what he got to do to win. The whole thing of it is, people say, 'Oh Canelo this, Canelo that,' Canelo haven't never fought nobody like my nephew. My nephew is the best one in this sport. He haven't fought nobody like my nephew. It's one thing to say something that you can do, but he about to find he can't do it."

(On pressure on Canelo): "Hopefully pressure don't get to him, but if pressure do get to him, he gonna get a ass whoopin' anyway. It don't make a difference. Skills pay the bills."

(On plan B and C): "My thing is this, what I do, all I do is examine is what the guy do. What the guy do, then I determine what my nephew do, and what he should do. That's what a trainer do. A trainer don't make no plan without even seeing the fight. You have to see the fight, and what the fighter do most, and what he do best. Basically you work on that."

(On where Canelo ranks among Floyd's opponents): "Really, I can't see -- I know everybody see so much, but I know he had some decent wins. As far as placing him in terms of what the opponent look like, I got to see what he can do. I never seen what he can do. I seen him fight Shane Mosley, I think. I seen him fight the last guy. I mean, but, it wasn't no dominating performance when he fought Austin Trout or whatever his name is."

(On what the headline will be September 15): "Another one bites the dust."

(On Floyd's secret to success): "He believes in himself. He believes he'll win. He don't believe nobody can beat him. That's why he trains so hard."

(On the atmosphere on the night): "He ain't the most popular fighter Floyd fought. Yeah, more popular in Mexico, but most popular is obviously De La Hoya. ... De La Hoya is the biggest thing in Spanish boxing. I said, who is the biggest Spanish guy in boxing? Oscar won everything. He won a gold medal! He didn't fight in Mexico, but I'm saying he's the most popular guy, as far as in terms of people say, oh, I know Oscar De La Hoya. Most people don't say they know (Canelo). As far as people who know, they gonna say Oscar De La Hoya."

(On Oscar being bigger than Canelo): "Yeah he is. Yeah he is. In all parts of the world of boxing, De La Hoya. He's an Olympic gold medalist!"

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