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Bradley vs Marquez: Juan Manuel Marquez says Bradley showing fear in drug testing dispute

Marquez believes Bradley may not really want the fight, which is why he's taking such a hard line on his drug testing demands.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Juan Manuel Marquez says he's happy to use USADA for extra drug testing, but believes Timothy Bradley is showing fear ahead of their October 12 HBO pay-per-view main event. Bradley has threatened to pull out of the fight if USADA or VADA aren't in charge of testing. Promoter Bob Arum wants to pay the Nevada commission to collect the samples, which will then go to a WADA lab.

In short, it's a mess that will likely be resolved, and if it's not, there are issues all over the place. Marquez is spicing it up, though, saying that Bradley is showing his fear of the fight:

"Bradley is just reflecting the fear that he is feeling. I would like to do the examinations with USADA, but I am not going to fall into this game. He is the one who needs this fight. The most important victory of my career - I already achieved it [against Pacquiao], but [Bradley] is becoming arrogant. We are ready to get tested. He wants to do it with VADA....I prefer to do it with USADA. I have never tested positive. I do not know why Bradley is [talking the way he is]," Marquez said.

At this point, we're just over two months from fight night and nobody has done any serious drug testing at all. Arum says he wants Nevada to do the testing -- even paying extra for that to happen -- because VADA and USADA don't have any authority to hand out punishments, but it certainly seems to me that this could be worked around. With either organization, one would think that a contract could be signed with the commission, where they would handle the testing, and punishments would be handed out by the commission in the case of a failed test.

I think there's definitely at least some conflict of interest in the commission handling the collection; I'm not calling Nevada dishonest or saying this would happen, but any state commission is also in a way a promoter, as the event is going to bring money into their state and their venue.

Anyway, this is quite the ordeal so far. There seems at least an outside shot that this fight will actually get scrapped, which would suck, since it's a good one.

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