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Khan says he'll fight Alexander anywhere, Cunningham says no offer has been made

Devon Alexander (well, Kevin Cunningham) and Amir Khan continue to talk about a December fight. Will it actually happen?

Clive Brunskill
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Devon Alexander and Amir Khan have appeared on a collision course since May, a month after Khan beat Julio Diaz in the United Kingdom, and Alexander wiped out Lee Purdy in Atlantic City. The bulk of the talk has centered on pitting Alexander, the IBF welterweight titlist, against Khan in Dubai, with Alexander's team saying they'd only go there for big money, and Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer continuing to keep the dream alive as best he can.

Khan (28-3, 19 KO) says that Alexander (25-1, 14 KO) has been making excuses to avoid the fight:

"We are looking at December 7 for my next fight and looking at opponents," Khan said. "I have tried to get Devon Alexander. It was looking promising. He said he wanted to fight at the start and now it slowly seems that he is not 100 per cent sure about it, coming up with excuses. Even if it's not in Dubai, I will fight him in America, I will fight him wherever."

Alexander's manager and trainer Kevin Cunningham says that he's heard no official proposal directly or from Al Haymon about a fight with Khan:

"We have yet to seen any proposal with reference to a Khan fight. So what excuses have we made? Devon would love to check Khan's chin, but there is no deal on the table as of yet. Khan and his dad [Shah Khan] were quoted as saying there was a deal in Dubai that we were not interested in doing. If there was such a deal, Al [Haymon] would have discussed it with me and that has not happened," Cunningham told

It still would seem that these two are headed for a fight with one another, but Dubai seems less and less likely. The December 7 target date is still four months off, but for something like Dubai and not just Manchester or Brooklyn or whatever, you'd think they'd be going with an early announcement if it were happening. Dubai is still possible until it's officially impossible, but gut feeling says that if Khan and Alexander are going to fight on the proposed date, it won't be there.

Will the fight happen, or has this all been a lot of talk for nothing?

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