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Garcia vs Matthysse: Lucas Matthysse media roundtable photos and quotes

Lucas Matthysse met with the media to discuss his September 14 fight against Danny Garcia this week.


(Opening comments)

"Thank you for being here. I really appreciate the opportunity for this fight, and I'm going to do my best.

"I know that winning is going to open (a lot of) doors so I am taking this fight seriously. Hopefully, it (a victory) means a future fight with Floyd Mayweather. Of course I want to fight Floyd.''

(Upcoming plans)

"I'm in California. More than anything else, I'm here to get used to the climate. I'm going to finish up my sparring here. It's my last phase of training. I just want to get used to the difference in the climate before I go for my fight.

"Training in the desert is going to help a lot. I'm going to take a few easy days just to get acclimated. Obviously, the desert air and heat is very similar to Las Vegas.''

(On how he's dealing with the Garcia's mind games)

"It doesn't bother me. It just shows that they're worried. That's why they're talking so much.''

(On what concerns him about Danny Garcia)

"Nothing worries me. I've trained very hard and I'm ready for anything. (Being so) very well prepared is what gives me the confidence. I'm not only ready for 12 rounds, I'm ready for 15."

(On whether he was angry over the length of time it took for the fight to be made)

"(There is) no animosity whatsoever. I was a little disappointed that it took so long, but I'm happy that it finally got done.''

(On Garcia's style)

"I feel his style suits me. He's not a very good boxer. He's a fighter that's aggressive and comes forward just like I do. I like that.

"Yes, I think I can take it (his left hook). I've been hit before and been able to withstand it. But if Danny drops me, I'm going to get up.

"Hopefully he comes towards me, but it doesn't really matter. I have a feeling that we're both going to be very aggressive and, like I said, we're going to beat each other up. It will be a great fight.''

(Besides your awesome power, what are your other strengths?)

"I haven't really shown my boxing, but it's not my fault. (I can't show it because) my opponents run from me, so I have to go after them. But I know how to box.‘'

(On the attention he's receiving by fighting on a record-breaking event like this)

"It's an honor to be in a fight on this big of a stage. I know there's going to be a lot of interest. I'm just happy so many people are going to see my style of fighting.

"I'm very gracious for all the attention I am getting. I'm even starting to get used to it. I've felt good since the first time I came to the United States. I've always had a lot of support.''

(On his newfound popularity)

"Actually, I'm a little surprised by how many people that have started to follow me. Even all the Latino people, they give me support and love and it feels great.''

(Do your recent fast starts have anything to do with losing two controversial decisions?)

"Those two fights that I lost were (good experiences for me) and, yes, I learned from those fights. Obviously, I've come out a little faster now, but not just because of those fights but because I have a little different preparation.''

(On the recent success of Argentine fighters - for one, Marcos Maidana)

"Some of us Argentine fighters are going through a good moment now. It's an honor to be fighting in this era (with so many going well). All we do is train hard and use our heart in our training and in our fights. Actually, we've been going pretty well for a while now.‘'

(On the difference between the Matthysse of today and the one who debuted 10 years ago)

"I grew, mentally and physically. You learn from the fights, of course, but not only the fights. You learn from the traveling. I've learned so much, and I've gained experience. That's the difference.''

(On his upcoming sparring with Tim Bradley in Palm Springs)

"Obviously, he's got very good speed and experience, and that's going to help a lot.''

(On why he declined a mini-press tour that would have included a stop in Philadelphia, Garcia's hometown)

"It was going to interfere with my preparation; and that is basically the reason. My preparation is very important.''

(On whether he would like to fight in Argentina again)

"I would love to go back someday and fight. I have a lot of people who come up and ask me when I'll be fighting there again since it's been awhile.''

(On his preparedness)

"Conditioning is a key. That's no secret. Danny will be in good condition, so will I. If you get hit, you have to be in good condition.

"All the knockouts have given me a lot of confidence, being able to finish off my fights early. But I don't train that way. I train to box and go the rounds I'm supposed to go. I don't look for the knockout, But if it comes, it comes.''

(On Garcia's weaknesses)

"There are a few but I don't want to reveal my secrets.''

(On what the fight with Garcia means to him)

"It's the fight of my life ... and I'm going to take advantage of it.''

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