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NBC Sports Fight Night results: Curtis Stevens crushes with first round knockout

Curtis Stevens may have stepped up for a fight with Gennady Golovkin tonight, as he waxed Saul Roman in the first round on NBC Sports.

Rich Graessle/Main Events
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

It was a matchup of punchers in the middleweight division, and it closed out the night well on NBC Sports, as Curtis Stevens tore through Saul Roman with ease, knocking him out on a left hook in the first round.

Stevens (25-3, 18 KO) stormed Roman (37-10, 31 KO) right away, hurting him with bombs coming from both hands. As Roman gamely held his ground as best he could, he opened up with a right hand, and Stevens flattened him with a counter left hook. Roman made it back to his feet to fight on, but all he could really do was hold or wing it.

Roman chose to wing it, and the next time he loaded up a right, he found himself flat on his back, victim again to a left hook that crushed his jaw, snapped his head around, and ended the fight immediately.

After the fight, Stevens called his own replays with sound effects and other such flair, and said of the knockout blow that that's exactly how he would catch and stop Gennady Golovkin, too. Golovkin vs Stevens is a floating rumor for November on HBO, when Golovkin is due back to defend his WBA title. If that fight happens, at least we can say that Stevens has a real puncher's chance -- the guy can thump, and he fights fearlessly.

Given the likely options, do you think Stevens is the right opponent for Golovkin in November, and would you give him any chance at the upset?

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