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Monday Night Quick Takes: Pacquiao-Rios live streams, Abregu wants Bradley, Team Fury makes a hire

MANNY PACQUIAO and BRANDON RIOS! Continue their press tour! TYSON FURY! Has a new manager! LUIS ABREGU! Requires vengeance! RUSTAM NUGAEV! Has the poweeeeer, yeah!

Ned Dishman
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Just another manic Monday, you guys. I wish it were Sunday. 'Cause that's my Funday. My Idon'thavetorunday. Those lyrics are stupid. GTFO, Bangles.

HEY! Have you watched The Canyons yet? I did it tonight. Horrible. I did like Beasts of the Southern Wild, though, which I finally got around to watching. HEY!

Pacquiao-Rios press conference streams

There will be two press conference live streams available from Top Rank this week for the Pacquiao-Rios fight. First up is tomorrow at 3:30 pm EDT from New York, and then the duo are in LA on Thursday. We'll have live coverage of both, because, y'know. Why not, I guess.

Abregu wants Bradley rematch

Luis Abregu, who lost a decision to Timothy Bradley in 2010 in one of those main events that the usual suspects bitched and moaned about like it were an unusual offense, wants a rematch with the only man to ever beat him, as he says he fought Bradley for 11 rounds with a messed up hand. He also says that the hand is still not 100%, so, like, OK.

"I want to fight Tim Bradley as soon as possible. I've been looking to fight Bradley ever since I recovered from my hand operation. He's a guy that I can beat. In truth my hand is still not 100%, it still bothers me at times. But I haven't had problems in my recent fights. I broke my hand in the first round against Bradley and had to fight 11 rounds without throwing my right."

It's not a bad fight or anything. Abregu (35-1, 28 KO) is a decent fringe contender, and if Bradley were to lose to Juan Manuel Marquez on October 12, that could be a good comeback fight next year. Or if Bradley wins and Top Rank doesn't have anyone else to match him against. Abregu is due back on September 7, part of the Chavez-Vera undercard in LA.

Team Fury hires former Khan manager

Asif Vali, a business manager or whatever who recently parted ways with Amir Khan after nine years, has joined Tyson Fury's team. Here are some quotes from a press release about that:

Tyson Fury: "We're delighted to have Asif onboard. I have no doubts he'll be a strong asset to Team Fury and his experience at the top of the game will be hugely beneficial."

Peter Fury: "Asif will be overseeing many aspects of the business planning and also advising on all major dealings. We at Team Fury are delighted to have such a person with his experience, and also a friend of the Fury family for many years, joining us."

Hughie Fury: "I trained at Gloves ABC and got to know Asif well there. He's always switched on and did a great job with Amir's career from a young age so I'm looking forward to his input."

Asif Vali: "I'm excited and am really looking forward to this new challenge. In Tyson and Hughie we have future heavyweight world champions so it's an honour to be working with them."

Vali is pictured up top at the podium. That's him.

Rustam Nugaev also said things

Rustam Nugaev headlines on this week's ESPN Friday Night Fights against Texas tough cookie Jose Hernandez, and said these things in his own press release:

"I feel great right now, fighters always say these things but I can prove it on August 9th. I feel like for the first time in my career I'm going down the right path at the right time, I always believed in luck being a residue of hard work and my opponent is going to have to deal with both come fight night."

"(Hernandez is) a worthy opponent and that is how I want it, make no mistake about my desire to fight the best out there. My opponent can feel good about his accolades, but those accolades only make my victory more impressive."

"ESPN is giving me the opportunity to be seen by more fans than ever before and I'm very appreciative of that. I would never overlook anyone and I know I have to get past this very difficult opponent first, but I have plans. I feel I matchup well with guys like Gamboa, Linares, and Demarco, just to name a few."

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