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Bradley vs Marquez: Arum says drug testing issues are over, Nevada 'running the tests'

Bob Arum says that the whole Bradley-Marquez drug testing drama is over. But what kind of tests are we getting through Nevada, and how will they be "evaluated"?

Stephen Dunn
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Bob Arum says that the dispute about drug testing for the October 12 Timothy Bradley vs Juan Manuel Marquez fight is a dead issue, as everything is settled, with the Nevada State Athletic Commission "running the tests." Here's what Bill Emes at has:

"The Nevada Commission is running the tests. They are taking extensive tests. They started it [on Tuesday]. Everything is in order. The tests by the Nevada Commission will be just as or even more extensive than USADA or VADA. You have to understand that these are the same tests. These organizations may evaluate them differently but the tests are the tests."

Uhhhh... hm. I ... uh. Well.

"These organizations may evaluate them differently" is not a reassuring thing if the idea is to have the best drug testing available. "The tests are the tests" is also not reassuring. Sorry. I'd love to say, "Well thank goodness this is over with," but there are still some questions here.

Bradley did re-enroll with VADA's program and the talk yesterday was that NSAC was included in the contract alongside VADA and USADA as testing choices. Bradley wanted VADA. Marquez wanted anything but VADA, it seemed. Arum wanted Nevada. Well, Arum's paying. Nevada it is.

It would be nice to get some transparency here. But this is probably what we'll get:

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