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Wednesday Night Quick Takes: Geale-Mundine III, Mchunu, Adrian Hernandez, more

SHANE MOSLEY! Is not enough! ODILON ZALETA! Will get his shot! THABISO MCHUNU! Is the hottest thing since hot sliced bread! MALIK SCOTT! Lost, and that's it!

Matt King
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Hey, Hump Day, right, guys?

Geale: Mosley win won't be enough for Mundine trilogy

Daniel Geale isn't sure that Shane Mosley won't be going to Australia to face Anthony Mundine just for money, and says that beating Mosley won't get Mundine a third fight with his domestic rival. Mundine won a controversial decision over Geale in 2009, which Geale avenged clearly in January of this year. Geale, of course, has bigger fish to fry at the moment anyway, as he'll be facing Darren Barker on August 17 in his U.S. debut on HBO. So for those aching for Geale-Mudine III, you may have to wait until they're both totally dunzo.

Hernandez to face Zaleta

WBC junior flyweight titlist Adrian Hernandez will face Odilon Zaleta on August 31 in Mexico City, after previously scheduled opponent Atsushi Katukani was withdrawn from the fight. This is probably a better fight anyway; Ryan Bivins has the fighters ranked fifth and ninth in the August BLH rankings at 108 pounds.

Mchunu receiving plenty of attention

Following his dominant upset of Eddie Chambers last weekend on NBC Sports Network, South African cruiserweight Thabiso Mchunu is reportedly rolling in offers for big fights. How big an exaggeration that is or isn't, who knows, but Mchunu (14-1, 10 KO) was definitely impressive and looked like a potentially serious contender at cruiserweight. How much Chambers' crappiness mattered remains to be seen, too, but Mchunu did his job and won that fight going away. It's nice to have someone new to talk about at cruiserweight. Yay!

Chisora-Scott protest goes nowhere

Terence Dooley has the full story. I'd explain this, but you saw the fight, and you can probably guess any of the 100 reasons that a protest was going to go nowhere. I don't think anyone ever seriously expected the BBBofC to review or reverse the decision or anything like that. It's over and done with.

Sorry Carcass

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