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Garcia vs Matthysse: Danny gets media day in hometown

Danny Garcia (26-0, 16 KOs) prepares for the biggest test of his career to date (although not according to him or his team).

Ryan Bivins

I'm way too tired to describe this media day for you. I was about to write why I'm so tired but soon realized I was too tired to do that either. So this is how it's going to go: I'll embed or link to videos and briefly describe what they are. If you want to know more about them, watch them! Seriously, it's 2013 you know. Who can't use YouTube in this day and age? Gosh.

Anyways, media was given the opportunity to conduct interviews with fighters, trainers, or whatever, right off the bat. So, I decided to start with the legendary Angel Garcia. He didn't disappoint (I use that word loosely).

First Angel insinuated something was awry in the Peterson-Matthysse fight (*cough* PEDs *cough*).

Then he called Matthysse "a little bum."

Then he let us know how much he loves strippers.

And then he took some mildly racist shots at Zou Shiming.

Well gee golly! The man was on a roll. But he did eventually come back down to earth.

Next he talked about Mayweather wanting to pass his throne to a deserving fighter (ie Danny).

And lastly (partly because I was exhausted making videos) he said there will be no fight if Matthysse fails any drug test (unlike the Morales fight, a decision he explains).

Speaking of drug testing, Danny Garcia took his first USADA tests in the middle of this media day. Cameras, however, were unfortunately disallowed (not even Showtime got footage).

Nevertheless, we move on to the man of the hour, Danny "Swift" Garcia. First there was a general Q&A session:

And then Danny worked out, starting with shadowboxing:

...followed by mitt work:

...followed by punch shield work:

...followed by heavybag work:

...followed by speedbag work:

...and finished by jumping rope. I decided not to upload the rope jumping as it would only be interesting if a fighter was showing off, which Garcia was clearly not doing.

And then I pretty much just left. But sometime before then I audited a few classes with professor Bernard Hopkins. He talked about Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner, among more important things...

This media day began around 3 PM at the newly created Garcia gym in North Philadelphia, around the corner from the longer established Harrowgate Boxing Club. It's situated behind "DSG" barber and mechanics shops.


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