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Freddie Roach discusses situation with Alex Ariza, training Miguel Cotto

Hall of Fame trainer expresses why he requested Alex Ariza's firing from Team Pacquiao, and his early work with new fighter Miguel Cotto.

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Freddie Roach is full of great stuff lately -- for example, saying that Juan Manuel Marquez is a "pussy" if he doesn't fight Manny Pacquiao again -- and here's some more from the Hall of Fame trainer, as he talks about the Pacquiao team's reported decision to not welcome Alex Ariza back into camp this time around, as well as his early training with Miguel Cotto.

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On Ariza:

"I thought it was disruptive to be in camp with him," said Roach. "He was starting to do my job. Miguel Diaz, he wouldn't let him do his job as a cut man. I told Manny ‘He's too disruptive right now' and nobody in camp really gets along with this guy. I wanted a camp where we're all together."

"I said ‘Let's get back to basics; the way we used to do it,'" Roach added. "Me and Buboy [Fernandez], we're going to do our job and we'll do it correctly."

On Cotto:

"Everything's going really, really well. Yesterday we had our best day. Things are starting to click with each other. We're getting to know each other and I love working with guys like that. He's a very talented guy and things are going great so far."

Michael Koncz, one of Pacquiao's advisers/managers/whatever, says that Manny supports the decision to fire Ariza from the team. Ariza, of course, said that only Pacquiao could actually fire him, but, well, if nobody calls to tell him that the flight is leaving from here at this time and we'll see you in camp, then he's fired, basically. Koncz, too, is putting it out as a decision that Freddie made, but one with Pacquiao's full approval. It's no secret that Roach and Ariza don't get along and that Roach has found Ariza intrusive on several occasions, and I don't think it's much of a secret that Roach doesn't believe in all this "strength and conditioning" stuff, because he's basically said so in the past, but it'll be interesting to see if there's any difference in Pacquiao totally without Ariza, even if we've been told that Ariza's role and influence has been diminished.

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