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Poll: Will Floyd Mayweather stay undefeated, or is Canelo Alvarez 'the one'?

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Someone's "0" has to go on Saturday night. Which of Floyd Mayweather or Canelo Alvarez lose their unbeaten record?


Floyd Mayweather is 44-0. Canelo Alvarez is 42-0-1. On Saturday night, the two will meet on Showtime pay-per-view at a catchweight of 152 pounds, live from Las Vegas, in the biggest fight of 2013, and also the biggest fight of this decade to date.

So who's going to win? The BLH staffers will make their picks on Friday evening, and we'll have some in-depth previews, too, but most of you have probably already made up your mind. Is Mayweather going to be able to conquer a young, strong fighter, one that's on the rise and not at a plateau or on a decline? Is Canelo going to be the guy who ends Floyd's undefeated streak at fight 45, and at age 36?

The oddsmakers are favoring Mayweather, but it's a lot closer than the usual Floyd affair. Mayweather's age and the fact that he's a smaller man seem to have some people at least slightly skeptical that this one is a foregone conclusion.

Are you buying this one as competitive, or do you think we see the usual Floyd rout?

Who wins?