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Mayweather vs Canelo: Predictions from UFC stars, former WWE talent, and ex-NFL star Shawne Merriman

Want to know what some other athletes think about Mayweather-Canelo? Here!

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Mark Munoz, UFC middleweight

"Mayweather, man. I think the only person that can really compete with Mayweather is Pacquiao, obviously. Canelo is tough, though. Canelo is super tough, super technical. He's got power in his punches as well. But Mayweather, man, he's so hard to hit. So hard to hit and his movement and his footwork is crazy. So athletic. I don't know how Canelo will be able to keep up with that. But if he's able to close the gap and cut off the ring and able to use his -- get inside on Mayweather, I think he'll do really well."

Tom Watson, UFC middleweight

"You know what, I'm actually gonna tip Canelo, I think. Because I was impressed when he beat Austin Trout. I didn't think he would beat Austin Trout. He was a lot bigger than I thought, and he's a pretty good mover, too. I expected Canelo to fight the way he's always kind of thought, Mexican style, always coming forward. I think he picked him off, and I think his time's coming and Mayweather's -- I dunno, I just think he can beat him."

Brendan Schaub, UFC heavyweight

"It's a Mayweather promotion, right? He kinda -- it's a Mayweather promotion, so, I'm not saying he picks his fights. This is the toughest challenge for him. I like Canelo, I think he's bigger, he hits hard. We'll see, though. Mayweather's gonna be tough to beat, man. I root for the underdog, though."

Kelvin Gastelum, UFC welterweight

"Mayweather's gonna win, man, but I'm gonna have to back up the Mexican. He's gonna have to knock him out somehow. Catch him. Which is really hard to do. Nobody's been able to do that. I like Canelo. I really hope he does well. But still, Mayweather's Mayweather, man."

Shawne Merriman, former NFL star

"Money May. You can't go against the champ. Somebody who's never lost, you can't go against them. I wouldn't expect nothin' different. It'll be what, 45-0? Something like that? (Canelo would win) by keeping after him. You're not gonna knock Floyd out. If you ever have a chance to win, it's gonna be a decision. But he's so quick, talented, his defense is great. So you won't have a chance to hit him. He's gonna have to go all 12 rounds, try to get him that way, but I don't think it's gonna happen."

John Morrison, former WWE star

"Every time Floyd fights, I think he's gonna get knocked out, and he never does. I'm not betting against Floyd anymore. I think he's got it figured out. He's definitely a promoter in his mind, and he's thinking about the promotions. Every fight I think, like, 'oh, Floyd's just thinking about the promotion and the money.' But no, I think he's deeper than that. I think he's thinking about the fight and the strategy as well. So I'm not betting against Mayweather anymore."

Shad Gaspard, former WWE star

"I train at Wild Card West where Peter Berg trains, and Canelo trained. Yeah, and Kid Chocolate. But Floyd Mayweather's one of those guys where hard work plus talent erase cockiness and arrogance. The guy works hard, he keeps young guys around him so he always is motivated. Canelo has speed and power, Mayweather has experience. He's 36, but he's a smart 36. He knows how to fight. He knows how to break an opponent down. I've been boxing my whole life. I learn something every day as I fight. Mayweather's a champion fighter, man. It's hard to say. I wish Canelo good luck, but I lean more towards Mayweather. ... Canelo has to stay inside of him. He can't give him space. He has to take away all of Mayweather's punches. Boxing is a science of math. It's basically taking what you know and dividing it into the other opponent. Trying to break them down bit by bit until you have no remainder. That's the sport of boxing. That's the science of it. It's not just punch punch punch punch. It's punching, waiting, moving, going inside and coming out. And it's hard to explain that to a fan, because sometimes they want to see punch punch punch punch. The science is reading the match. The chess game."

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