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Floyd Mayweather: 'It's just another opponent' / Canelo Alvarez: 'I'm coming to win"

"He's facing Floyd Mayweather. I'm facing just another opponent."

Ethan Miller

Today's final Mayweather-Canelo press conference from Las Vegas was overflowing with talk of activation, advertising inventory, sponsor fees and input, demographic tracking, movie theater ticket purchases, and everything else other the sun. For about 40 minutes, it was nothing but that.

The fighters didn't have a lot to say, but Floyd Mayweather made what he did say count.

"September 14th is just another stepping stone for me," Mayweather told Showtime's Steve Farhood just after the press conference concluded. "Just another opponent for me. He's facing Floyd Mayweather. I'm facing just another opponent."

Mayweather (44-0, 26 KO) scoffed at the idea of pressure. "All the pressure's on the young guy. Every day I'm going through his mind because he knows he's facing the best when he faces Floyd Mayweather."

The 36-year-old Mayweather also shrugged off the fact that the odds -- with Mayweather as about a 2.5-to-1 favorite -- are much closer than they were for any of Floyd's other recent fights, comparing the odds to last season's Notre Dame vs Alabama college football championship game.

Notre Dame, an unbeaten team that was not seen in the preseason as any real threat, were the underdog against seasoned powerhouse Alabama, the defending national champions, but not by a whole lot. In the end, Alabama wiped the field with the Irish, winning 42-14 and completely dominating every facet of the game.

That seems to be what Mayweather expects will happen, which would be nothing new for Floyd, just like it was nothing new for the Crimson Tide. "They played like it was just another opponent," Mayweather said.

Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO) showed no fear or nervousness at the press conference, marching directly up to Floyd with a confident swagger in his step for the stare down photo opportunity. As Mayweather mean mugged in his normal fashion, Alvarez kept a focused stare, eye-to-eye. When the two turned away from one another, Floyd continued to grimace. Canelo, 23, broke into a smile.

"We'll see what he says after the fight," Alvarez remarked when told that Mayweather had called him just another opponent. "I feel fine. I've always been a person who is calm, collected. I feel good, I feel comfortable."

Alvarez also said that his weight is on point, as he's about 154-155 pounds right now, giving him two days to get down to the 152-pound contract limit.

"I'm not coming just to make a 'good fight' on Saturday," Canelo said at the end. "I'm coming to win."

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