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Mayweather vs Canelo predictions: Fellow fighters heavily favor Floyd Mayweather

Active and retired fighters agree that Floyd Mayweather is too experienced for Canelo Alvarez, and that his talent is still too great.

Mike Stobe

Of fifteen name fighters both active and retired asked by the promoters for their prediction on Mayweather vs Canelo this Saturday night, 11 picked Mayweather, only one picked Canelo (and it's more a hope than a pick), and three abstained from making an actual prediction.

Here's the rundown:

Mike Tyson (Mayweather): "I've only seen Canelo fight twice -- against [Josesito] Lopez and [Austin] Trout. Trout gave him some trouble and he isn't as experienced and as technically skilled as Floyd is. Floyd stays in tip-top shape and is a very relaxed fighter. He is at his peak. It's going to be hard for anybody to beat Floyd now unless he doesn't train. Floyd has transcended the game so much that the best fighters out there now try to emulate his style. Floyd wins by a decision.''

Lennox Lewis (Mayweather): "Mayweather will win because of his speed and experience. He's been at this level before so that will also be an advantage. He's the best until proven otherwise. Canelo is talented, young, strong and dangerous ... makes it all the more exciting.''

Bernard Hopkins: "This fight is 50/50. It can go either way. Floyd has speed and wisdom. Canelo is strong and big. This is a massive fight and the outcome will impact both of their careers in a major way."

Paulie Malignaggi (Mayweather): "You can't count Canelo out because he's a natural junior middleweight so he has a chance. But at the end of the day it's Mayweather winning on points.''

Carlos Molina (Mayweather): "At first it looks like Mayweather's experience and speed will be too much for Canelo. But then you think about it and Canelo is young and strong. This is boxing. You just never know. I would say at this point it is 60-40 Mayweather."

Chris Arreola (Mayweather): "He's got the experience and he's been in a lot of big fights before. That is not to say Canelo hasn't, but Mayweather has been in more and knows what to do in a fight of this magnitude. I think Canelo took this fight two fights too soon. Mayweather by decision.''

Zab Judah (Mayweather): "Mayweather is too fast and has great timing. I just don't see Canelo hitting him. I don't see Canelo being able to do anything to Floyd."

Seth Mitchell (Mayweather): "Floyd's boxing IQ is just too great. His offense, defense is just too good.''

Rafael Marquez (Canelo): "The winner of this fight is the boxer with the most intelligence and power ... and I hope it is going to be Canelo.''

Gary Russell Jr (Mayweather): "In order for Floyd to beat Canelo, he has to keep Canelo on the outside and outbox him and pot shot him. Floyd needs to make it clear that he's landing the cleaner and more effective punches. For Canelo to win, he needs to make the fight ugly and finish his combinations with a hook. He has to make it ugly and rough for Floyd. If Canelo makes it close, he will win.''

Rau'shee Warren (Mayweather): "Floyd's a chameleon; he can adapt to any type of style in the ring. Canelo is a one-dimensional fighter; he wants to bang it out and brawl. He thinks that hitting Floyd in the arms will wear him down, and I think he needs a better strategy than that. It's going be a good fight though. Canelo is young and hungry, he's going to come to fight, but he's going to see that Floyd's a teacher in there. I have to go with Floyd, but I'm ready to see what Canelo brings to the table.''

Marcus Browne (Mayweather): "I think Floyd wins the fight in 10 rounds because he has a huge edge in experience and he's a better all-around fighter than Canelo.''

Daniel Jacobs: I think the fans will be the real winners on this whole card. I don't really like making predictions but I know that in a card of this magnitude, the fans will come out on top. All of the fighters have to be at 100 percent because if at any given second a mistake is made that might be the deciding factor in both fights.''

Lucas Matthysse: "If the fight goes the distance then Floyd Mayweather will win but if Canelo Alvarez fights intelligently he could win the fight.

Adrien Broner (Mayweather): Floyd Mayweather will win by KO in the late rounds.

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