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Angel Garcia's outspoken act becoming a familiar comedy routine

The fighters and promoters didn't have a whole lot noteworthy to say, but as expected, Angel Garcia turned up the volume, though his act may already be settling into a familiar pattern.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Angel Garcia is the most outspoken, brashest, and probably the most vulgar and "offensive" man in boxing today. The father and trainer of WBC and WBA 140-pound titleholder Danny Garcia, Angel has amped up his role as the talker of the team, noting at today's undercard press conference that he talks the talk, and Danny walks the walk.

For the most part, it was a routine press conference. Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer served as host, introducing the likes of Keith Kizer, the promoters and "promoters" who are working with him on this show, and of course, the Saturday night pay-per-view undercard boxers.

Ashley Theophane spoke first, taking his time at the podium to talk about his career journey, and not just saying a few canned lines before thanking everyone and heading back to his seat. Pablo Cesar Cano did just offer a few canned lines and head back to his seat. Frankly, I don't remember Carlos Molina even speaking, but his promoter Leon Margules said a few words. Ishe Smith, like Theophane, expanded a bit, and offered his thoughts and prayers to Golden Boy's Oscar De La Hoya, who is currently in a treatment facility in California for unspecified addiction issues.

Lucas Matthysse and his promoter were brief, to the point, and basically, performed as expected, by not performing. The momentum hadn't exactly built up to the entrance of Angel Garcia, but we knew he was next.

"I'm gonna keep it clean," he said. Bummer.

Garcia tore off into a rant which he's been working on all week about American fight fans (apparently) turning their backs to the country and cheering for an Argentinean fighter in Matthysse, picking him to win, noting that everyone wants to be "Argentinos Valentinos."

When the welfare check comes, he said, then everyone wants to be American. It may have been meant to get people riled up, but it seems that Garcia is now being taken as a comedy act by the media, who have seen this show before. It can be vulgar, it can be inappropriate, but at this point, the people who have experienced Angel's gimmick in the past are beyond the point of being shocked, and the perception has shifted. He's not crazy, he's not a loose cannon, he's just a guy who yells silly stuff. You can take it seriously, but after you've seen it twice, how? It's clear what it is at this point.

Garcia prattled on, insulting Matthysse's ratty attire (a track jacket and basketball shorts), offering to fight any "old bum" in the room (while also calling himself an "old bum"), joking with Bernard Hopkins about being on the wrong side of the dais, and shouting about his family shedding blood for the United States of America.

In the end, he took his seat again, shared a laugh with Sam Watson, shook some hands, and that was it. He knows that any lingering curiosity about it is gone. It's all just a show now. But he still puts 100% effort into these performances, so that's worth something, anyway.

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