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Mayweather vs Canelo: Alvarez says Floyd demanded fight day weight limit

Canelo Alvarez, irked by the back-and-forth between his camp and Floyd Mayweather's regarding the weight limit for Saturday night's fight, says he turned down a demand from Mayweather to have a fight day weight limit on top of the catchweight.

Ethan Miller

The weight dispute for Saturday night's Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez fight never seemed like that big of a deal, at least until the last week or so. When Leonard Ellerbe said on "All Access" that they took advantage of Canelo's team offering to do the fight at 150 pounds and insulted their intelligence, Alvarez's team took it personally, and responded that Mayweather was the one "crying about the weight."

At the end of the day, as they say, the two basically met in the middle of the 150-pound idea and the standard 154-pound junior middleweight limit, as the limit tomorrow for the weigh-in is 152 pounds. If you want to be pro-Floyd, they took two pounds away from Canelo, because they're so smart. If you want to be pro-Canelo, then you can say Mayweather gave Canelo two pounds, because they're foolish.

Whatever. It doesn't even matter. A weight limit is a weight limit -- the fighters agreed, the teams agreed, the contracts were signed. No one was swindled.

But Alvarez is not done "exposing" the Mayweather camp. In a piece at, Alvarez says that Mayweather also wanted a fight day weight limit, which Canelo refused. That part itself isn't so bad -- in fact, many wondered why instead of worrying about a weigh-in catchweight, Mayweather didn't pursue a rehydration limit -- but Alvarez also states that they tried to keep him quiet about it.

"They came up with a second-day weigh-in. They wanted to do a second-day weigh-in and limit what I cold weigh the second day, and I wouldn't agree to that. And then they tried to force me to stay quiet and to not mention it, and that's why we didn't say anything. And we haven't said anything until now," Canelo said.

I can sum up my thoughts by mostly repeating myself above: I don't care. I don't care who wanted what. The fight was agreed to at 152 pounds. Neither man felt this too big a disadvantage to complain about any part of it now. Floyd's team are great at creating tension and bad blood in opponents, hoping to get them out of their focus. That may have happened once again here. Alvarez seems a lot more hung up on this than Mayweather does.

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