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Mayweather vs Canelo: Secondary ticket market second only to Super Bowl demand

Mayweather vs Canelo is beyond just a boxing event -- this has become a true sporting event, and one of the very biggest of the year.

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With Richard Schaefer reporting earlier that Mayweather-Canelo has eclipsed the $20 million mark as it has set a new record for live gate revenue, we can also add that the secondary ticket market for this fight is insane.

SeatGeek tells us that, "Tickets for Mayweather-Canelo are more than twice as expensive on the secondary market as those we've seen for any other fight. In fact, the Super Bowl is the only other event we've ever tracked with an average ticket price this high."

The buzz around this fight and the demand for the event are unreal. Our colleague Luke Thomas reported that the amount of media that has descended upon Las Vegas for this fight is incredible, and in the short shots I've seen of the media assembled, it's really insane. I can't remember seeing anything quite like this before -- it may not break the PPV buys record of De La Hoya-Mayweather, but this is every bit as big a media event, at the very least.

Here's some more from SeatGeek:

  • The average ticket price on the secondary market for the Mayweather-Alvarez fight -- an astounding $2,028 per ticket -- makes it more than twice as expensive as any other fight we've ever tracked. The most in-demand bout we'd previously seen was Pacquiao-Marquez last December, with an average ticket price of $920.
  • In fact, this is the highest average ticket price for any event we've ever tracked outside of the last three Super Bowls (XLV, XLVI and XLVII had average resale prices of $3,561, $2,991 and $2,479, respectively). Those four events are the only four we have ever seen with an average ticket price of at least $2,000.
  • It will cost on average exactly twice as much to be there for this fight as it cost to attend Game 7 of the NBA Finals in Miami earlier this year ($1,014).
  • Floor seats for this fight are selling for an average of $10,629 on the secondary market, while seats in the lower sections are going for $3,338 per ticket. If you just want to get in, you'll still have to pay an average of $1,365 per ticket for upper level seats.
  • We've seen a recent spike in demand on the secondary market as excitement builds in the lead up to the fight. The average price of tickets sold in the past week is $2,492, an increase of more than 40 percent from where that average was two weeks ago ($1,772).
  • The least expensive ticket available on SeatGeek right now is a $1,888 seat in Section 220, but we've seen buyers pay as much as $23,554 for floor level tickets. All the latest information on ticket prices and availability can be found on SeatGeek's event page for the fight.

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