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GIF: Mayweather vs Canelo and Garcia vs Matthysse weigh-in stare downs

Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez go eye-to-eye, as do Danny Garcia and Lucas "Death Eyes" Matthysse.

Ethan Miller

The weights were good today in Las Vegas, as Floyd Mayweather was in at 150½, with Canelo Alvarez making the contracted 152-pound limit even, and Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse both weighing in at 140 pounds.

Below, dig these sweet weigh-in GIFs, courtesy our pal Zombie Prophet. As you can see, Mayweather did his usual bit, trying to crack his opponent mentally, and who knows what Floyd thought he did or did not accomplish? You will also note Floyd trying to hand Canelo the WBC belt so the two of them could hold it, and Alvarez basically ignoring him. Canelo's cool smile carried him through the ol' lockin' eyes bit. Man. What a moment.


And here's a shorter staredown between Garcia and Matthysse, featuring Lucas Matthysse's murder stare, which is about as cold as you're going to find in boxing. Garcia stood his ground, as he is expected to do tomorrow night, come hell or high water.


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