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Mayweather vs Canelo: Julio Cesar Chavez rooting for Alvarez, but not sure he can win

Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez is hopeful that Canelo Alvarez can win on Saturday night, but is having trouble seeing him get the win over Floyd Mayweather.

Ethan Miller

Julio Cesar Chavez is probably the biggest superstar in Mexican boxing history, and remains an incredibly popular cultural icon in the country as well. The retired Hall of Famer, now 51, believes that while Floyd Mayweather is not invincible, Canelo Alvarez likely has more than his hands full with tomorrow night's Showtime pay-per-view main event.

"It's a very difficult fight for Canelo because he is going against a real fighter; elusive and intelligent, but not invincible. I believe that Canelo has confidence and that is the main thing, but with what I've seen he doesn't have enough to win the fight. ... If I were Canelo, I would come out to attack as soon as the first bell rings. He has strength, he is younger, has more weight, and needs to manage his strategy."

Chavez also says he's worried that Canelo had to cut too much weight for the fight, and may rehydrate too much before the opening bell, making him sluggish and especially susceptible to Mayweather's speed. Like all Mexican fighters, one assumes (maybe not Archie Solis), Chavez will be rooting for his countryman to pull off the huge upset tomorrow night, but the overwhelming feeling out there is that the kid has taken this fight a little too soon to win.

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