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Mayweather vs Canelo results: Floyd Mayweather outclasses another 'One,' dominates Canelo Alvarez

Floyd Mayweather was once again way too good for a determined opponent, as Canelo Alvarez fell way short tonight in Las Vegas.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

The scores somehow didn't quite reflect it, but Floyd Mayweather completely dominated Canelo Alvarez after the early rounds looked fairly interesting tonight, winning a (ridiculous) majority decision on scores of 117-111, 116-112, and an absurd 114-114 from CJ Ross, who needs to be evaluated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission immediately. Bad Left Hook had it 119-109 for Mayweather, and really, it seemed as 117-111 is as close as you could possibly have had it.

Mayweather (45-0, 26 KO) was a bit jumpy and tentative early on, as the patient Canelo (42-1-1, 30 KO) waited him out and dared him to throw first. But after a fairly competitive three or four rounds, Floyd once again ran away with the fight, as he was simply too damn good for yet another challenger.

Alvarez, 23, fought about as well as he could have, it seemed. But he was out of his depth, as all other opponents have been for so many years now.

"I couldn't catch him. He's very elusive," Alvarez told Jim Gray. "I didn't know how to get to him. It's as simple as that."

When asked how frustrated he was, Alvarez said, "The frustration got in there, but simply put, he's a great fighter. We tried to catch him." And asked about a fight night 15-pound weight advantage he couldn't exploit, Canelo said, "The weight was negated, I couldn't catch him."

"There's no doubt he's a great fighter, a very intelligent fighter. There was no solution for us tonight." Alvarez promised he will be improved for his next fight.

Mayweather will likely next fight on May 3, 2014, returning on his preferred Cinco De Mayo weekend, if he keeps the schedule he's been promising under his Showtime deal. Mayweather was as sharp as ever, looking incredibly fresh in his second fight of 2013, with a killer jab that he used to set up everything else, and to keep Canelo from finding any openings to build any momentum.

Canelo did have some bursts of minor success, landing some decent body shots and a few lead shots to the head, but they were few and far between. For the most part, it was The Floyd Mayweather Show, again.

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