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Floyd Mayweather: Canelo Alvarez will carry the torch after I retire

Floyd Mayweather didn't face much of a challenge yet again tonight, but he gave Canelo Alvarez some serious respect after the fight, saying the 23-year-old superstar still has an amazingly bright future.

Ethan Miller

It was a 12-round boxing lesson tonight for Canelo Alvarez, but though the 23-year-old Mexican superstar sat looking dejected and forlorn at the post-fight press conference, Floyd Mayweather was very complimentary of his vanquished foe, saying that Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KO) would carry the sport in the future.

"I want to commend this young, strong champion," Mayweather said. "He will carry the torch. Tonight, experience played a key role. Tonight was just my night."

When asked if Alvarez did anything that Floyd was impressed by, Mayweather responded, "Canelo does everything well. He goes to the body well, he's got a good jab, he's a good counter-puncher. In my eyes, he's still a champion."

"I've got 24 more months (in boxing), and then Canelo is the man," Mayweather added.

Mayweather (45-0, 26 KO) also suggested that he'd like to see Alvarez face newly-crowned IBF titlist Carlos Molina (22-5-1, 6 KO), who outpointed Ishe Smith to win that belt tonight on the undercard.

Canelo didn't speak much at the press conference, but did tell Jim Gray of Showtime Sports immediately after the fight that he would come back improved for his next fight.

As for the fight's pace and potential complaints that it lacked action, Mayweather gave Canelo more praise, even comparing him to himself somewhat. "When you get to this level," he said, "it's two thinkers. Canelo's a thinker. I'm a thinker. It's a chess match."

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