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Judge CJ Ross to take self-imposed 'leave of absence' in wake of Mayweather controversy

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After taking an incredible amount of media and fan heat for scoring Saturday's Mayweather-Canelo fight a 114-114 draw, CJ Ross has decided to take a leave of absence from scoring boxing bouts.

Jeff Bottari

Veteran boxing judge CJ Ross has notified the Nevada State Athletic Commission that she will be taking a leave of absence from the sport following her highly controversial 114-114 scoring of this past Saturday night's Floyd Mayweather vs Canelo Alvarez fight in Las Vegas.

Boxing media and fans were stunned that anyone could have scored the fight a draw, scrutinizing the scoring even more than when Ross last year scored Timothy Bradley a 115-113 winner over Manny Pacquiao. Ross said after the fight that she stood by the score, but the  64-year-old Ross reportedly feels bad that the focus is on her, and not on Mayweather, leading to her leave of absence.

To be very honest, that wouldn't be a good reason to leave the sport -- I mean, it is, I guess, but there now remains the issue of Nevada not openly dealing with this sort of thing. But, really, that was never expected.