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Floyd Mayweather Sr scouts Danny Garcia and Gennady Golovkin as potential opponents

Floyd Mayweather will need an opponent when he returns to the ring next May, and right now, the pickings look a little bit slim. His father is already talking down the idea of moving up to 160 for a major risk, and also discusses Danny Garcia as a possible opponent.

Al Bello

Floyd Mayweather Sr has been back training his son for his last two fights, and there's no doubt that Floyd Mayweather, who improved to 45-0 (26 KO), looked extremely sharp in last Saturday's win over Canelo Alvarez, even better than he did in May against Robert Guerrero.

With the fighter planning a return on May 3, 2014, possible opponents are already being discussed, including Amir Khan (or Devon Alexander, if he beats Khan in December), and Danny Garcia, who impressed with a big win over Lucas Matthysse on the Mayweather-Canelo undercard.

Floyd Sr was dismissive of Garcia as a potential opponent when speaking to Chris Robinson:

"Can't neither one of them [Garcia or Matthysse] whoop Floyd," Floyd Sr. claimed. "Neither one of them. They don't have a prayer. If they drop down to their knees, the next thing is they're going to go down on their face. That's the next step."

Some feel that a move up to 160 to face Sergio Martinez or Gennady Golovkin may be the only potential danger for Mayweather, but his father says that the idea is "stupid," which is a fair enough point, really:

"I would advise him not to. Floyd can make 140 pounds. How the hell is he going to go up there and fight somebody that big? It's stupid."

Should Mayweather go up to 160, or is Sr right, that it's just a stupid risk that shouldn't be taken, and shouldn't be asked of Floyd to take? And as good as he looked against Matthysse, would you give Garcia a realistic shot against Mayweather?

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