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Golovkin vs Stevens: Gennady Golovkin wants a street fight after casket stunt

Gennady Golovkin is angry, which is great news. Do you guys have fallout shelters?


A few weeks ago, Curtis Stevens pulled an arguably tasteless if ultimately meaningless stunt via his Twitter page, posting a bunch of pictures of a coffin that read "RIP GGG," his way of promoting and hyping his November 2 HBO shot against Gennady Golovkin.

Here's one of the photos:


Stevens later said that it was just hype, and that there was nothing personal behind it, also noting that after the fight, "everything's cool." It doesn't sound like Gennady Golovkin is looking for the "everything's cool after the fight" approach.

In fact, Golovkin is mad.

Golovkin says it's "bullshit," and adds, "I show him real action in the ring. I want street fight. ... No decision, I want street fight." When asked if he wanted "put just a beating on him," Golovkin replied, "Absolutely, yes. Absolutely, yes," and said he believes the fight will end in a knockout either way.

So that's good. Golovkin is now thirsting for blood. That's good for all of us. Nothing to be terrified of at all.

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