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CBS and Time Warner end dispute, Showtime boxing back on TW cable

CBS and Time Warner have reached a new carriage agreement, which means that boxing fans will have Showtime back starting today.

Ethan Miller

Starting right as this is posted, basically, at 6:00 pm EDT today, CBS and its family of networks, including Showtime, will be back on Time Warner cable, so subscriber boxing fans can rest easy. Your Showtime boxing is back, which means you can catch Saturday's Mitchell-Arreola card, as well as the third episode of All Access: Mayweather-Canelo.

Terms for the new agreement weren't revealed, but few of you are probably all that interested in the details anyway. The bottom line is you have Showtime back, plus all the other CBS stations.

Most likely this deal was reached, I'm guessing, because the NFL is returning this weekend, and CBS is an NFL carrier on Sundays. That would have been a tough pill for any TW subscriber to swallow; certainly a far bigger deal than Showtime boxing or Inside NASCAR or golf or whatever. We're talking about the No. 1 TV sport in the United States by a healthy margin. If TW subscribers suddenly couldn't watch those NFL games, the customer base likely would have raised all hell, and many would have immediately left for DirecTV, Dish Network, or whatever other carrier they could find.

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