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Kelly Pavlik arrested after failure to appear in court

Former middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik is officially retired, but he's not out of the news, as he was arrested in Ohio for failure to appear in court.

Harry How

Kelly Pavlik's last few years haven't exactly gone swimmingly, as he's had stints in rehab, watched his boxing career flounder, and been involved in a few police reports. Today, he's back in the headlines after being arrested for failure to appear in court.

Pavlik allegedly refused to pay a cab driver who picked him up on Tuesday night (really Wednesday morning), with the driver telling police Pavlik just flat-out refused to pay the fare. Pavlik reportedly says that he refused to pay because the guy was driving "like a lunatic."

Anyway, Pavlik was arrested because he didn't show up in court to answer the complaint.

Really, I don't care, but it's news. I mean, I really don't care. Kelly Pavlik is a grown man whose life is his own business. Whether he's right or wrong here, or the cabbie was a lunatic or not, I don't care. He's still only 31 and could end up back in boxing, but he doesn't seem particularly interested in the grind of it all. I think he'd like to make some money with a big fight, but beyond that he doesn't seem into the sport anymore, and hasn't for a while.

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