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Miguel Cotto not looking to move back to welterweight division

Despite new trainer Freddie Roach floating the idea, Miguel Cotto says he's got no interest in going back to 147 pounds, and says he's comfortable as a junior middleweight.

Harry How

Miguel Cotto had strong runs at junior welterweight and then welterweight, but hasn't fought below the 154-pound limit now for almost four years, and despite his new trainer Freddie Roach recently saying Miguel might be better off returning to 147 pounds, Cotto himself says he's got no interest.

"I'm not interested in 147 at all or coming down [in weight]. I feel great at 154, I'm working great at 154, I'm doing what I'm suppossed to do at 154. The problems at 147, as everybody knows, it was very difficult for me [to make the weight]. I don't want that to happen to me again, so 154 is where I'll stay," Cotto said.

Cotto (37-4, 30 KO) appears to be on the final push of his career, which he says he's looking to spend as a Top Rank fighter, and though there aren't a ton of big money fights available for him at 154 (especially without Golden Boy fighters), if this is where he feels comfortable, then that's that. I get the impression Cotto, 32, isn't even really looking to finish with any more huge fights, but rather go out on a high note.

If he does want to move up to 160 next year, though, there is definite interest from HBO in putting together a Cotto vs Sergio Martinez fight, which might be the biggest fight available for the Puerto Rican, and remains an interesting bout at the moment.

Cotto will be back on October 5 in Orlando, facing Delvin Rodriguez in an HBO main event.

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