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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr says he will 'probably' rehire Freddie Roach for next fight

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr didn't look good last night, and says that he plans to rehire Freddie Roach for his next fight. Will Roach accept?

Jeff Gross

Following last night's lousy performance by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in his disputed win over Bryan Vera, Chavez was asked after the fight by Chris Robinson if he felt that not training with Freddie Roach or Alex Ariza negatively impacted him.

"I don't think so, but Freddie Roach is a great trainer. Probably for my next fight, I'm going to hire him to train me. Of course he's a great trainer. My father in the corner was very helpful. He was pressuring me. I think it was good," Chavez said through an interpreter.

The Chavez camp has said before yesterday, too, that Roach could be rehired for their next fight. Now, in all likelihood, Roach will gladly take the money. But I'd suppose there is an outside chance that Freddie will say thanks but no thanks after seeing how out of shape and lackadaisical Chavez was for this one. After Chavez's loss to Sergio Martinez last year, Roach said that he would work with Chavez again, but if he dogged it in camp, he'd leave.

Julio has not grown up. If anything, he's backsliding. Will Roach see this as something worth his time?

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