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Chavez Jr vs Vera controversy: Virgil Hunter says he saw suspicious activity near judges at ringside

Virgil Hunter was dismayed by what he saw last night at the Chavez-Vera fight, not only by what happened in the ring and on our TV sets, but by what he saw happening near the judges at ringside during the fight.

Scott Heavey

Last night's controversy may get even more controversial if these comments from trainer Virgil Hunter go anywhere, which they probably will not. But don't ignore this: Virgil Hunter has no reason to say any of this for his own benefit, and no reason to try and tear down the Chavez or Top Rank teams, or anything of that nature.

When asked by Chris Robinson of what he thought of last night's Chavez-Vera fight, which Chavez won via highly questionable decision, Hunter first said what everyone was thinking -- that it's a shame Vera bothered to try so hard since it didn't matter -- and also said he saw some suspicious activity by the judges at ringside.

"It's sad, man. I mean, really sad. I thought Vera won the fight convincingly. What can you say? He outhustled him, he outworked him. Junior threw one punch at a time. I gave Junior the last round. That was his biggest round. It's sad, man. I feel sorry for Vera and Ronnie (Shields) and everybody," Shields said.

"Look, you work hard, make all these sacrifices, take all this punishment in camp. The money, the name and all this stuff, is gonna speak. It's unfortunate. So when you hear these people saying, 'boxing is this, boxing is that,' they're right, man. They're right."

He continued, "I saw some things going on around the ring. I don't even wanna discuss it. Made me wanna puke. I saw some people standing over the judges. It was unbelievable to me. I don't wanna discuss it. I don't want to get into that, because I'm in the sport. My heart goes out to Bryan Vera."

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