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Timothy Bradley: 'Marquez will never stop my will to win'

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Timothy Bradley talks about his desire and determination to remain undefeated against Juan Manuel Marquez on October 12.

Kevork Djansezian

Fighting with a concussion, you displayed tremendous courage and conviction against Provodnikov. Do you feel this determination and will is your strongest quality as a fighter? Or is there another specific quality you possess that Marquez will not be able to match?

"I definitely agree that my will and determination is something which differentiates me from other fighters. I may not be the most skilled or most loved fighter, but I am a warrior and that cannot be taken from me.

"It will take a real smart fighter to ever beat me. I have yet to meet that man in the ring. I have the insatiable hunger and desire to win, to remain undefeated.

"Against Provodnikov, I went after him even though I was hurt. I knew going in he would be a strong, tough, dangerous fighter but that didn't stop me from coming out throwing hard punches. In the third round he landed a very big, powerful punch.

"My corner was yelling at me to 'box, box, box!' Once I started to box and it was a lot easier for me. Provodnikov felt my punches. His face was swollen when the fight was over. It takes a lot of hard punches to do that.

"Marquez is a late-bloomer who got better and better. He is a legend. The greatest Mexican fighter of his era. He has a great trainer in Nacho Beristain. But they will never stop my will to win. I will win because I have to win. It's in my DNA. And I will be a bigger name because of my will to win.

"I have one goal - go into the ring, win and retire the great Juan Manuel Marquez."

Bradley vs. Marquez welterweight title fight takes place Sat., Oct. 12 live on HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT.