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Mayweather vs Canelo: All Access, full episode 3 video

We are now just one week away from Mayweather-Canelo. Check out last night's All Access episode right here on Bad Left Hook.

If you missed tonight's episode of All Access: Mayweather-Canelo, never fear! We've already got it for you. Right here, right here on Bad Left Hook!

Previous Episodes: 1 / 2

We're just one week away from fight night in Las Vegas for what is going to be the biggest fight in the sport since the 2007 clash between Floyd Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya. Are you sensing any nerves, any doubts from either fighter during these All Access episodes? Do the teams both seem confident to you, or is someone bluffing? And what have you thought of the series thus far? Does it compare to the best of HBO's "24/7," or is that old magic still just not quite there with this show?

We have officially entered Mayweather-Canelo fight week, so it's on from this point. We're going to have an enormous amount of coverage, live streams of pre-fight events, full fight previews, staff picks, feature articles, constant news updates, and then of course live round-by-round coverage on Saturday, September 14.

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