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Chavez Jr: 'I have more hunger and no weight problem this time' / Vera: 'I won the first fight'

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Bryan Vera are set for their March 1 rematch after last September's robbery in California.

Chris Farina - Top Rank

Chávez Jr

"People are going to see I have the fire and hunger back. I have been training for five months and my weight is perfect.

"The last time we fought, I was coming off a hurtful loss and was out of the ring for over a year. While training to fight Vera I made a call to Bob Arum saying I was having a weight problem and needed help.

"In that fight I was maybe 40 or 50 percent of myself and deep inside I knew it would be a difficult fight.

"I controlled the first fight and connected on more punches.

"The thing is that Vera actually thought he won the first fight which will make this fight even better

"He wants to win. But I have more hunger and no weight problem. I am more motivated. This fight will do away any doubt who is the better fighter."


"I plan to beat Chávez decisively this time. I have fans from all parts of Texas plus former fans of Chávez who are now on my side because of what happened in our first fight.

"He is a big guy and is hard to hurt. In our first fight I thought the crowd over reacted when he landed a few punches. He ran around a lot, not fighting like he did against Andy Lee.

"Chávez caught me with a couple of big shots but I wasn't buzzed that much. I expected much more from him.

"I thought I won the first fight. My trainer Ronnie Shields thought so too, and that got everyone in my corner excited. When I heard a 98-92 score my heart told me I would not get my hand raised. I was in sudden shock.

"We have a new plan of attack - more movement, that kind of stuff. It's going to be a lot different this time."

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