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Mauricio Sulaiman 'not interested' in taking over WBC Presidency after father's passing

The WBC will have a new President for the first time since 1976, but Mauricio Sulaiman says he's not looking to take the spot after his father Jose's passing.

Ethan Miller
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

In the wake of his father Jose's passing at age 82, Mauricio Sulaiman has said again what he's said before: he's not interested in taking over the spot as WBC President that his father held from 1976 until this week.

"I stood by my father and worked with him in boxing. Everything that people saw that I did was on the orders of my father, a great generator of ideas who was always thinking of ways to innovate this sport. The plan of the Council was always see him return but that never happened. This is a very solid organization that has a lot of capable people who are able to drive it. The WBC will be different and hopefully better. It must run its course and we'll see what happens."

Sulaiman would have been the logical choice to step in, but he's said in the past that the role wasn't in his future plans, and he's not changing now. As he says, there are a lot of people capable of stepping into the role of sanctioning body President and making absurd decisions about rankings, titles, mandatory challenger appointments, and how best to protect favored boxers from challenging fights while also maximizing their "world champion" status.

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