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Hasan Young media day (January 20, 2014)

Hasan Young (4-1-1, 2 KOs) faces Justin Johnson (6-5-4, 0 KOs) on the Stevens-Majewski undercard at Resorts AC on January 24th. Check out Hasan's fight preparation and learn of his dreams to become world champion.

On a cold MLK day in North Philadelphia, where the temperature indoors was hardly any better, Hasan Young put in some light work as if it was business as usual in front of the media. Steam could be seen coming from his body and head as his sweat evaporated. But the weather didn't seem to bother him, nor did the 4 minute rounds. With his next fight only 4 days away, the "Hitman" was in shape.

On January 24th Young steps into the ring against Justin Johnson in a scheduled 6 rounder on the undercard of Curtis Stevens vs Patrick Majewski at Resorts AC (principle bout to be televised on NBCSN along with Thabiso Mchunu vs Olanrewaju Durodola). Young, 4-1-1, is expected to win but Johnson, 6-5-4, has been known to upset the applecart. While Young in 0-1 in Atlantic City, Johnson is 1-0. Furthermore, Johnson's AC win comes against another Philadelphia fighter (Korey Sloane).

However, as noted in the BLH post-fight report, Sloane-Johnson could have gone either way. And with all due respect to Korey, he's no Hasan Young. Young was last seen in action dominating Julio Dejesus and he's only getting better. After Danny Garcia moves up to welterweight, Young aspires to be the next big thing at 140 pounds in Philadelphia and worldwide:

Young expects an action packed fight in Stevens-Majewski but wouldn't pick a winner. The only prediction he offered is what his own record will read on Jan. 25: 5-1-1. Now for the workout videos...



Heavy Bag:

Double End Bags:

Abs Exercises:

Jumping Rope:


The Hasan Young media day took place at Bozy's Dungeon gym on Monday, January 20, 2014. A photo gallery of the event, courtesy of Darryl Cobb Jr, is available atop this page.


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