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Robert Guerrero: "Everybody knows Amir Khan has a glass jaw."

Former Floyd Mayweather victim Robert Guerrero says that Floyd Mayweather will dominate Amir Khan if they fight on May 3rd.


Have you been missing Robert Guerrero since you last saw him in the ring last May against Floyd Mayweather? You know you have! Have you been wondering his opinion on Mayweather's next fight, likely versus Amir Khan? You betcha!

In an article by Boxing Scene's Ryan Burton, Guerrero tells us what he has been doing lately outside of the ring while waiting for his contract dispute with Golden Boy to be cleared up in court. He also explains his prediction for Mayweather's next fight.

On what he is doing now:

"I hope to be back in the ring some time this spring. and give the fans what they want to see. I have just been staying in shape and spending time with my family, the kids. I am a family man and that is what I enjoy doing. The plan is to get back in the ring in 2014 and hopefully that happens in the spring."

On Mayweather - Khan:

"Of course Floyd is going to win that fight. Everybody knows Amir Khan has a glass jaw, but he is quick. He might be game for a couple rounds but as soon as Floyd adapts to him, makes his adjustments, he (Floyd) is super quick and smart in the ring as well. He will dominate him, if not knock him out."

I think Guerrero's prediction for the potential Mayweather - Khan fight is similar to how most feel. Khan is fast, he would be the fastest Mayweather opponent since Zab Judah in 2006. But Floyd does make adjustments and is, you know, pretty quick himself.

As for Guerrero's return to the ring, litigation in boxing is almost never good. It's difficult to imagine him coming back this spring unless the issues are resolved immediately as it's nearly February. Guerrero has his detractors but he is a solid boxer who gives an honest effort when he fights. It would help bolster the welterweight division's depth if and when he returns to boxing. If he stays with Golden Boy, fights against the likes of Keith Thurman, Marcos Maidana, Adrien Broner and others would be enticing.

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