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Roy Jones Jr again hoping to pick up buzz from talking about fighting an MMA dude

Roy Jones Jr is back on the road to hyping up a possible fight with an MMA star, now with retired UFC veteran Nick Diaz in his sights.

Ethan Miller
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With his boxing career completely irrelevant in the United States, 44-year-old Roy Jones Jr is again talking up a potential crossover fight with an MMA star. Now that Anderson Silva is pretty much out of that picture, it's Nick Diaz who's "in the mix." You may recall that Diaz -- who is officially retired from MMA -- was reportedly near a deal to face Jeff Lacy in a boxing match in 2011, but wound up sticking with UFC.

Here's what Jones said about this potential non-event:

"When James Toney did MMA, he didn't have any MMA background and it didn't really look like he did any training in MMA to prepare for it. Well, we don't need to know MMA to fight in boxing. But they have to know other sports [for MMA] - like wrestling, grappling and they have to know boxing to perform in MMA. So they have to take a form of our sport, we don't have to take a form of theirs. It makes it much more of a challenge for them to come to our side than for us to come to theirs."


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