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Ortiz vs Collazo results: Luis Collazo knocks out Victor Ortiz in two rounds

Just before the end of the second round tonight in Brooklyn, Luis Collazo knocked out Victor Ortiz on a right hook that may have ended Ortiz's relevant boxing career.

Maddie Meyer

Luis Collazo was a curious choice for a comeback opponent after an 18-month layoff, but that's not what got Victor Ortiz beaten tonight at the Barclays Center on Golden Boy Live. After a fairly even first six minutes (well, just shy of six), Collazo landed a beautiful, perfectly-timed right hook that smashed Ortiz in the jaw, causing Ortiz to turn his back and somewhat voluntarily go to the canvas, where he stayed for the ten count.

Collazo (35-5, 18 KO) was a live dog in this one, but I don't think many expected an early knockout. For Ortiz (29-5-2, 22 KO), you never say never, and he's young, but it just doesn't seem like he wants this anymore.

The way I read it, and I could be wrong, but when Ortiz got smashed on that previously shattered jaw, it just seemed to give him sort of an instant flashback, and he didn't want another broken jaw. And if you're worried actively about an injury that can very easily happen, that could be it. That really could be it for Victor Ortiz.

Collazo, 32, scores the biggest win of his career with this one, and said that Ortiz's shots were "wide open," and that he easily saw the shots coming. He then called out Floyd Mayweather, challenging him to come to New York City for a fight. It might seem absurd, but Amir Khan is getting a Mayweather fight for beating Julio Diaz, so, I mean, what's so different?

Note: The crowd was about 8,000 for a West Coast fighter in Ortiz against a guy who has fans but isn't known as a big draw in Collazo, and on a Thursday night. It looks like the Barclays Center and Golden Boy have a legitimately good thing going, and that's good news for boxing, because New York should be a hotbed for big fights.

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