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Yuriorkis Gamboa's rep says there's a 90% chance he fights Mikey Garcia next

A member from Yuriorkis Gamboa's team claims that a fight with Mikey Garcia is being negotiated.


A member of Yuriorkis Gamboa's team not named 50 Cent has declared that a fight with Mikey Garcia is being negotiated, and there is a 90% chance that the fight will happen. According to Boxing Scene's Miguel Rivera, the plan is May 17th at The Forum in Los Angeles, California. One would have to assume it will be televised by HBO if it comes together.

Boxing Scene spoke with Willie Suarez, a representative of Gamboa, who had this to say on the negotiations:

"At this very moment (the fight is) being negotiated. There is a 90 percent chance that the fight will happen in Los Angeles. But I can not confirm that or tell you if the date is true, and the reason why is because previously we thought the fight between Mikey Garcia and Gamboa was set, but then it ended up being (a fight) between Mikey and (Juan Carlos) Burgos. I can not say that there is a 100 percent chance because there is no signed document," Suarez told Carlos Narvaez.

So it sound like the fight is pretty much set except there is not a signed contract, at least according to Gamboa's side of the story. I mean 90 is only 10 from 100 so that's pretty close, isn't it? Suarez's tone seems a bit upset, and I am interested to hear what Garcia's camp has to say about the negotiations.

Either way, this is a fight that actually has some buzz in boxing at the moment because Garcia is a stud (perhaps boring but a stud) and Gamboa is still undefeated. You may look like donkey dung at times but if you're undefeated there's always someone who will claim you are amazing. And I sense a lot of fans want to see Gamboa and 50 Cent receive their comeuppance. It makes sense for right now, let's hope it doesn't need to marinate like Gamboa's classic rivalry with Juan Manuel Lopez did.

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