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Juan Manuel Marquez: "I would gain nothing by fighting with Provodnikov"

Juan Manuel Marquez confirms what most thought: he is not fighting Ruslan Provodnikov.

Ethan Miller

A few days ago Ruslan Provodnikov claimed that if Juan Manuel Marquez did not want to fight him that it was because Marquez is scared. Well, Provodnikov will just have to live with that assumption because it doesn't look like Marquez has any intention of getting in the ring with the Russian destroyer.

In a Boxing Scene article, Marquez states that he has no interest in facing Provodnikov because he feels that he would gain nothing from it. He says that he is only looking to enhance his legacy at this stage of his career.

"Provodnikov is a great figher, he demonstrated that with Bradley. He is very strong, I think the challenge is there, and I have never ignored anyone - but right now I'm at a stage in my career where I want something that helps me in leaving a legacy. I want that fifth championship, and if that does not exist for me then I'm closer to retirement.

"I would gain nothing by fighting with Provodnikov for a title that I already owned. I want something that transcends, for the history of my career and my country. I'm looking to leave a legacy in boxing."

Well that's a bummer. But to be fair, I think he is largely correct in what he saying, I just wish he would fight Provodnikov for selfish reasons; it could be a great fight.

In terms of legacy, I think what Marquez is saying is true. If he beats Provodnikov it doesn't really add much to a career that is already headng to the HOF five years after he retires. And if he loses, it would hurt his chances of getting another fight with Tim Bradley or Manny Pacquiao at this age.

I think we all saw this coming. We want the fight, but Marquez is thinking more about his bank account and legacy than the whims of boxing fans. I can't fault him for that, but I can be disappointed.

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