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Roger Mayweather: Amir Khan doesn't deserve to fight Floyd but he can bring in viewers

Floyd Mayweather's uncle/trainer Roger Mayweather thinks Amir Khan will get to fight Floyd because he would bring in bigger numbers.

Ethan Miller

Roger Mayweather interviews are always fun. Whether he is going off about people not knowing "shit about boxing" or just giving his brutally honest opinion, he is always a treasure to listen to (and decipher).

Recently, Roger was interviewed by Chris Robinson of Hustle Boss about a common topic heading into the new year:  Floyd's list of opponents to pick from for his next fight. Admittedly, the list is pretty small this time around, consisting almost exclusively of Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana.

Like always, Roger is honest and candid, and even admits that Khan doesn't deserve the fight but is more likely to draw in viewers (at least, in his opinion), which is what really matters.

Here is a partial transcription of what Roger said in the interview:

"Amir Khan would be a bigger fight."

Asked if Khan deserves the fight, Roger responded, "Not really, not really but he's the only guy who really has a name where you could put it on HBO (obviously he means Showtime). For the major networks you gotta have a guy that can stand up (be popular), get that television (viewer) to watch.

So Roger is giving the same argument that nearly everyone else is when it comes to Khan possibly getting the opportunity to fight Mayweather: he will bring in more viewers. Of course, that is highly debatable because Khan, after three losses (two by knockout), is not any where near the folk hero that Ricky Hatton was over six years ago when he came to Las Vegas to fight Floyd. Hatton was a legit star and there were some who thought his pressure style and body punching could present some difficulty for the slick Mayweather.

In Khan's defense, he would be the fastest guy that Floyd has fought in quite sometime. I'm guessing that would be one of the big angles to play up if he is indeed the Chosen One.

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