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The Bad Left Hook Pick'em Game: Season 23 - Week 10

The rest of the line-up will be added to this post later in the week (so check back later).  But with a well matched Wednesday fight on the line-up between Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam and Curtis Stevens, we wanted to get the post up sooner than usual.

For those that haven't played before, welcome to the best pick'em game going. Please join right in and start playing (just make sure to check out the rules - we promise they are very simple).

An explanation of how to fill out your selections appears at the bottom of this post - please follow these instructions as it makes it easier for us to tabulate the results quickly each week.

You can check out last week's standings here.

Let’s get to the week 10 line-up…

**** Remember you do not need to make a selection on every fight. If you are unfamiliar with any of the fighters, and don't want to risk points, you are free to PASS on any pick. You must make at least one selection to receive the 10 point participation bonus****

A. Pick the winner - Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam vs Curtis Stevens (Wednesday, October 1)

1. N'Dam to win – risk 7 points to win 5.
2. Stevens to win – risk 5 points to win 7.

B. *Over/Under - Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam (Wednesday, October 1)

1. Over 10 1/2 – risk 5 points to win 4.
2. Under 10 1/2 – risk 4 points to win 5.

*Over 10 1/2 = 10 full rounds completed, plus 1/2 round - fight must go past the 1:30 mark of Round 11.

Check back on Thursday/Friday for the rest of the line-up.

Please fill out your selections as follows:

Enter the LETTER of the fight first, then whether it’s a single (1), double (2) or triple (3) followed by the NUMBER of your pick and the NAME of the FIGHTER and METHOD of victory (where applicable).

**** You have 10 doubles and 5 triples to use over the 10 week season ****

For Selection A, if you want to use one of your doubles on N'Dam to win...

A. (2) – 1 – N'Dam

For Selection B, if you want to pick the Under 10 1/2 without using a double or triple...

B. (1) – 2 - Under 10 1/2

For Selection B, if you want to use one of triples on Under 10 1/2...

B. (3) – 2 - Under 10 1/2

For Selection B, if you wish to pass...

B. Pass

Good luck!

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