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Mayweather Jr. takes aim at Pacquiao and Floyd Sr.

If Floyd Sr. keeps running his mouth about business he ain't involved in, he'll be shown the exit. If Pacquiao keeps talkin', the Ariza secrets will be aired-out publicly...

Ethan Miller
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. isn't too happy to hear about his dad ensuring the mega-fight to the media. In fact, he's threatened to remove Floyd Sr. from The Money Team if he doesn't keep it shut about business he's not privy to.

"Well, my father is totally wrong ...Like I said before, we have people constantly being removed from the Mayweather Promotion team, Team Mayweather, and we also have people being removed from The Money Team. I want my dad to be with my team, but if he continues to go out there and speak on things that he has no knowledge about without communicating with me, then I must get a new trainer. I'm just saying when Pacquiao was sleeping, everybody was like, 'Y'all crazy for trying to make that Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.' You know what's so crazy? I just look at the situation like this, ever since Ariza left Pacquiao, he hasn't had a knockout. What a coincidence!" says Mayweather Jr.

Floyd also was to sure to let Pacquiao know that he should keep quiet too before he reveals the ingredients of Alex Ariza's secret shakes. Here, Floyd insinuates that Ariza, who was Pacquiao's strength and conditioning coach for years, has aired-out Manny's dirty laundry to him since the two were publicly spotted together, raising questions about whether or not Ariza was the newest TMT member. Of course, being that Floyd had overtly accused Manny of using performance enhancing drugs in the past, and had to pay a hefty sum to settle the defamation claims out of court, he's now seemingly wised-up to make slightly more veiled comments on the subject.

"The best thing for Pacquiao to do is be quiet before he really gets exposed and I tell some things that he don't want me to tell," Rappler quoted Mayweather.

I believe the specific past claims were of Pacquiao advantageously utilizing "power pellets" and "A-side meth" during his record run through multiple weight classes. None of these claims were ever substantiated but the innuendos have persisted nonetheless. Surely it didn't help that Freddie Roach himself intimated about suspicious activity going on during past training camps.

Since we haven't been able to see the two stars take their differences into the ring to get this sorted out, we might as well see how ugly this can get.

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