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Monty Meza-Clay: One-Man Swarm (Frame-by-Frame Fights video breakdown)

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Bad Left Hook's technique analyst Connor Ruebusch breaks down the tactics the resurgent Monty Meza-Clay used to win his fight-of-the-year contender with Alan Herrera.

There are few things I love more than a technical pressure fighter.

Monty Meza-Clay is quite possibly one of the best examples of this style active today. Like a prime Aaron Pryor, Meza-Clay excels at marching his opponents down, using advancing defense to set up counters and slowly but surely break his enemy's will. It is this defensive acumen that sets the modern-day Meza-Clay apart from the man who was koncked out by Jorge Solis five years ago, and he is now poised to make some waves in the lightweight division.

Check out my breakdown of Meza-Clay's tactics and techniques as he prepares to face everyone's favorite murder victim, Rod Salka, on the 14th of November.

If you have trouble with the embedded player, feel free to watch the Youtube version here. And while you're there, hop on over to MMA Nation and subscribe for lots more content like this. Thanks for watching!