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Nonito Donaire: I still enjoy boxing, but it's definitely a job

Nonito Donaire speaks with Marcos Villegas of The Boxing Channel about Saturday's fight against Nicholas Walters, plus his current feelings on his boxing career.

How do you see (Golovkin-Rubio)? Do you think it's a competitive fight?

"It depends what kind of game plan Robert (Garcia, Rubio's trainer) comes in with. He's very smart at what he does and I believe in his ability."

You've headlined at that arena twice before, I believe Nishioka and Mathebula. How do you feel not main eventing, because I know your fans are, like, 'Why isn't Nonito main eventing?'

"It doesn't matter to me. I'm here to fight. It doesn't matter to me. I'm just blessed to have this fight and I'm ready for it."

Do you feel it should be the main event because your fight, it seems to fans, it is a little bit more interesting, given your opponent with the amount of knockouts he has, he's undefeated, and you as well?

"I don't make the rules. I'm here to fight anybody. It doesn't matter who it is. If they pay for it, that's what we're going to have. This is what they decided to do, and I'm here. I'm not gonna complain about it. I'm just gonna take what I need to do, which is take care of business."

In 2012, you were on top of the world, Fighter of the Year, and then the Rigondeaux fight came. You didn't get the decision you wanted, it seems like you lost a momentum. Has it been hard dealing with losing that kind of momentum that you had?

"It's not so much losing that has the momentum, because it doesn't matter whether losing or not, it's more of creating another dream. When I finished 2012 and got the Fighter of the Year, I pretty much accomplished my childhood dream, my lifelong dream and beyond. Now, creating another dream is the hardest thing. It's kind of like writing another essay. Beginning of it, it's hard to start an essay and get to the conclusion. That's where I'm at right now. It's getting to the conclusion of my dream, of what it will be."

Is boxing still fun for you? Do you still find it fun, is it still something that you love to do, or is it just a job now?

"It's half and half. I love doing it, but there's days that are hard for me. It's definitely a job for me, in terms of feeding my family, in terms of getting what I could have in boxing. I'm not going to say I enjoy it thoroughly. I do enjoy it, but part of it is a job."

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